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November 22, 2015

OK, Finally getting these pictures posted. We had three great jobs that most likely will wrap up our year. We had to get dressed up for all of them.


United Way Gala in the Valley - Pictures

This is our third year playing for this tremendous event. The United Way does so much for our area and we are happy to help. THanks to Bernie Pernot for filling in on keys and doing a great job. We also had Steve Harrison jin us for a few tunes on drums.


Arnot Health Gala - Pictures

Back for a second year to celebrate with a wonderful group of health care providers. Thanks to all of the volunteers who made this a huge success.


Genesee Valley Hunt Ball - Pictures

Back for our 8th year at the Genesee Valley Hunt Club Ball. We love this event! The dance floor is full all night and everyone has a great time. John and Janice were the featured dance couple as we played Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud."


We are taking it easy for the rest of the year and will be working on new material for 2016. Be sure to join us January 9th.

September 14, 2015

We had a fantastic time at Batzing's Farm. Dancers were out early and often, even in the heat and daylight!Pictures are posted.

We hav posted four tunes featuring Adrianna on ReverbNation.

September 1, 2015

Well, a few things have happened since our last update.


August 1st was the BZ Tournament. This is a fabulous event. The organization was temendous as always and the volunteer participation was outstanding. Thanks for having us. Pictures are posted.


August 8th was the Avon Corn Festival. We had decided not to play this year after playing 11 years in a row. Howevever Dan and Steve played with Smooth Grove and Adrianna was booked to play with her accompanist. Adrianna then asked if we'd back her up on some tunes and we jumped at the chance. After that, we packed up and played at Paul's house on the pool deck. The treat was having Adrianna and Elaina singing together with the band. Kate also jumped in on drums for some tunes, Conrad on harp, and a great group of singers on back up vocals.


August 29th found us at Glenora Wine Cellars for Leaves and Lobster on the Lawn. This was a blast! What a geat venue with fantastic people and dancers right from the start. We also had the pleasure of having Beth join us. Pictures are posted.


August 3, 2015

We had a perfect day and a great time at The Switzerland Inn on Keuka Lake.


Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the day with us; family, friends, and new friends. We also had some friends join us to play some blues tunes; Blues Master Strat Cat Willie Hayes led us through a couple of tunes on guitar and vocals with Larry Childs playing harp and Kate Phillips tore it up on drums on an old Junior Wells tune while Larry blew some great harp. Colby Cushing came up and helped us with some vocals.


As it got later, the dance floor filled and well, we couldn't stop just because it was 8:00. Can't wait to go back next year to do it again. Thanks to everyone at the Switz for making us part of the family. Pictures are posted.


June 20, 2015

We had a great time kicking off the 2015 Geneseo Summer concert series! Thanks to the organizers and to everyone who came out. It was a beautiful night and a great community event. Pictures are posted.


June 11, 2015

Congratulations Dana and Joel!! Thank you for including us in your wedding. Pictures are posted.

What a beautiful day for a wedding in the country. Ceremony out by the pond, cocktails on the lawn, and dinner and dancing in Smith's barn. Add a wonderful couple and great friends and you have a perfect day.


Adrianna joined us for her first full gig. She was fantastic and now has learned the importance of comfortable shoes when you perform for hours. Russ Flint (guitar and vocals) joined us and did a great job as always.


Come on out to Geneseo June 19th to kick off their Summer Concert Series.


May 18, 2015

Congratulations Meghan and Josh!! Thank you for including us in your wedding. Pictures are posted.


We had a wonderful time at Abandon Brewery playing for Meghan's and Josh's wedding. It is a great location and everyone was ready for a party. Flip flops were available for those who wanted to kick off their shoes and dance on the barnwood floor.


Bernie Pernot (keyboards and vocals) and Russ Flint (guitar and vocals) joined us and did a great job filling in and adding their own special spice to the mix.


April 21, 2015

Wow! It has been a while since the page has been updated. Sorry about that!


We had a great time celebrating St. Patrick's Day at the Avon Inn. Pictures are posted.


We had a wonderful day at the Irish Children's Program fundraiser at the German House in Rochester. We were helped out this year by Russ Flint ripping it up on lead guitar, Kenny Snyder adding another layer with some great acoustic guitar, and making a smashing debut singing with the band was Adrianna Noone. Adrianna will be singing with us this summer. Hopefully you can come out to hear her, she has a truly special voice and she absolutely mesmerized the crowd.


February 8, 2015

Thanks to the organizers, sponsors, donors, and participants for making the Teresa House 9th Annual Tribute Dance - “Valentine Celebration From The Heart” a geat success. Pictures are posted


Pictures from Swain are also posted.


February 3, 2015

Sometimes things just work out! We had a scheduling conflict and Erich at Swain worked with us to move our date to January 31st. As luck would have it, he then got a reservation for 45 people from the Sandusky Ski club for the 31st and they wanted to make sure there was a band! What a great night! The Sandusky crew was fantastic and they even had us learn a song for them on the spot. The dancers were definitely out! We got to see a bunch of our Swain friends, which is always a treat. Kirk Vanderbilt filled in on sound and did a great job! And for a special treat, our dear friend and blues man Larry Childs traveled from Corning and wowed the crowd with some great blues harp. Sometimes things just work out!


Teresa House does the work of angels. Join us for the 9th Annual Tribute Dance - “Valentine Celebration From The Heart” at the Valley Oak Event Center (Quality Inn, 4242 Lakeville Rd., Geneseo, NY). Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015. 8pm – midnight. Food, Cash Bar. $35 per person. Live auction of chocolate creations. Business casual to formal attire. There will also be a silent auction. Contact Kate Kingsley (585) 750-5086 for more information.


January 19, 2015

What a night! The second annual Music Fest in Memory of Blair Phillips was a tremendous success. This year's event includued four musical acts and a number of stand up comics. The organizers did a wonderful job and Blair's spirit could be felt throughout the night. Pictures are posted!


We had lots of help!! Andrew Lawton filled in on drums for the flu-stricken Gerry Paganin and did a tremendous job filling in with no rehearsals. Bill Christiano took care of sound all night and joined us for a few tunes on stage. Aiden Lewis did a great job sitting in on tenor sax. We wish we could have had him up more, but we ran out of time. Kate Phillips drove the band on drums for a couple of tunes. Don Loy joined us on bass to recreated the original BBB. And Conrad Phillip's blew some mean harp as usual.


Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and all who participated in this special event!


Join us at Swain Ski Resort Saturday January 31st fom 9:00 - 1:00 for another great party at the Shawmut Grille!!


January 19, 2015

Wow!!! Well, 2014 is over and we are starting on 2015.


2014 started with the 1st Annual Music Fest in Memory of Blair Phillips. This was an incredible event and will help fund scholarships in Blair’s memory and spirit.


2014 marked the 10th anniversary of BBB. Our goal from the beginning has been to play a couple of times a month. Well, we kind of lost track of that this year and had 35 shows. For 2015 we have decided to scale back and keep it closer to 15. We love to play, but Upstate NY Summers are short and we have decided to spend a little more time enjoying them. We also have an informal goal of doing 20 - 25% of our shows as community service. We had 11 community service engagements this past year, which put us at 31%,


We would like to thank everyone involved who made it possible for us to play at these venues and events:

NYE at the Avon American Legion, The Wadsworth Grill, Arnot Health Gala, Genesee Valley Hunt Ball, Teresa's and Larry's Wedding, Benefit for the family of Officer Pierson, Glenora Wine Cellars, Fay's Party, Abby and Nick's Wedding, Christine and Scott's Wedding, Avon Corn Festival, The Switz, The BZ Tournament, Molly Bennett Benefit, LeRoy Country Club, Hemlock Fair, Vitale Park, Cooper's Grad Party, Steven and Jessica's Wedding, Avon's Saturday Night Out, Joe's Grad Party, Geneseo Summer Concert Series, St. Agnes Golf Tournament, Barrett’s Memorial Day Party, DiMartino's, Irish Children's Program, The Rock Bottom Bar-B-Que, St. Paddy's at the Avon Inn, Shawmut Grille at Swain, Sweet Heart's Dance - Smith's Barn, Teresa House Benefit, Community Playground Fundraiser, Bob's Retirement Party, and the Blair Phillips Music Fest. We appreciate the opportunities and look forward to revisiting many of these events and locations.


In 2014 we had the privilege to participate in four wedding celebrations, a graduation party, and a couple of retirement parties. We consider it an honor that people invite us to celebrate their special events with them.


The BBB family continues to grow and work together to make music and have fun. In addition to the regulars of John, Paul, Gerry, Tim, Elaina, Dan, Durf, and Dave, we were joined by Bill Christiano on bass, vocals, and sound, Elizabeth Ippolito on vocals, Don Loy on bass, Steve Harrison on drums, Bernie Pernot on keys and vocals, Russ Flint on guitar and vocals, Boo Strothers on sound and drums, Dan Pagainin on sound, Brian Paganin on sound, Paul Close on sound and guitar, Tim Brinduse on harp, Jay Sharman on percussion and drums, Conrad Phillips on harp, Kate Phillips on drums, Larry Childs on harp, Willie Hayes on guitar, Michael Baxter Nickerson on drums, Manny Quinones on vocals, Seamus Donegan on guitar and vocals, Tony Serdula on guitar, Becky Jo Hendley on vocals, and Ken Snyder on guitar.

You never know what the future will bring, but for now Elaina is taking a respite from the band to pursue her career and educational goals. We have been enormously fortunate to have Elaina as part of BBB and we have high hopes that she'll be back to help us out this Summer. In anticipation of her departure, we went into the studio in November to capture her magic. The recordings are available on ReverbNation.


We need to say a huge thank you to our families for letting us go out and play. Thank you!!!


As long as you all keep letting us, we’ll keep playing.


January 4, 2015

We had a great time bringing in 2015 at the Avon's Veteran's Hall!! Thanks to Connie, Eileen, Tom, and Tim for organizing another great paty! Pictures are posted!