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November 27, 2011

What a great party! We had a fantastic time playing at the Genesee Valley Hunt Club's End of Season Celebration. Thanks to all of the volnteers who made it happen. This marked the start of Elaina's second year with BBB. One of the highlights was Seamus Donegan wowing the crowd with a set during our break. It was great to see all of the familar faces and a few new ones.

The Nines at the Livingston County Country Club is getting ready for New Year's Eve. We'll post more information as we get it, but details on the dinner package are available at New Year's Eve Party @ The Nines. Make your reservations soon as we understand they are filling up quickly. We are looking forward to a great party!


November 3, 2011

We finished October with two great parties. Thanks to Betsy and the crew at Valley Oak Event Center for having us at their first halloween party. We competed against football sectionals and game 7 of the World Series, but we had a great time. We were joined by Russ Flint on guitar and vocals and Bill Christiano ran sound while Durf recovers from surgery. The next night was Tom Moran's birthday party at Duffy's, and yes it was a big one. Thanks to Connie for all of her efforts and to everyone who made it a success. Picture of both events are posted .

Halloween at Valley Oak Event Center


October 13, 2011

One of our favorite parties!! The Genesee Valley Hunt Club never let's us down. This group knows how to have a good time and they take us right along with them. Thanks to all of the organizers!! Pictures are posted.

It's time to get your tickets for the October 28th Halloween Party. This is going to be a great event. Get your tickets now.


September 18, 2011

We had a great time in Warsaw at the Harvest Dinner dance. Guest appearances by Russ Flint and Kate Philips spiced up the night and the crowd got right in there with us and had a great party. Pictures are posted.


August 28, 2011

It doesn't have to be a big crowd to have a great party. We had a great time partying with a small but energertic and appreciative bunch of folks at the GVDRC party. Mostly these are competitors and volunteers who have to be up early the following day for the competition. A few couldn't bring themselves to leave the party and we had the fun of playing just what they wanted and an opportunity to really interact. Looking forward to next year. Durf couldn't make the gig, so we do not have pictures. If you took some, send them in and we'll post them.


August 21, 2011

Wow! What a fun wedding. We had a great time and learned a few Polish traditions. Marek and Magdalena make a picture perfect couple and they are both wonderful people. We wish them the best in everything they do. We were joined on some songs by best man Stas and he did a fantastic job. Tim also stepped up and did his homework so he could properly introduce the wedding party and special guests. Suffice it to say there weren't alot of them named Smith or Jones. Pictures are posted.

August 14, 2011

We have officially started our 8th year right where it all began, the Avon Corn Festival. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time playing. One of the Highlights was being joined by 11 year old Madison from Hickory, N.C. She and Elaina had a blast singing together and we have a feeling that we will be hearing more from her in the future. We were also joined by Paul's brother Conrad on blues harp. We always look forward to having Conrad sit in and he did a great job as usual. Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors and of course to everyone who came out to enjoy the day. Pictures are posted.

Elaina, John, Dan and Dave followed up the next morning playing a couple of songs at the Avon United Methodist Church. BBB unplugged. It was a great service and a lot of fun.

August 8, 2011

We never cease to be amazed by the BZ Tournament. The Stanton family (Eileen, Tim, Greg, Julie, Abby, and James) along with a host of volunteers, sponsors, and donors, and the Livingston County Country Club put on a tremendous event. We were proud to be part of it.It was a a beautiful day for golf and to honor the life of Brian Zamiara. Events like this show the true meaning of community and it was in full force. Congratulations to Josh Muir, the recipient of the 2011 BZ Scholarship. Thanks to everyone who made the day possible. Pictures are posted.

Beth joined us for this show and brought her high energy rock roll talents with her. It was fun to have her with us and the audience loved it. Tim got to try some higher degree of difficulty performance maneuvers while joined on stage by some active audience members. We had some great audience participation and played more than the usual amount of requests. What a great crowd and a great party.

Next week is the Avon Corn Festival and we take the main stage at 12:30.

August 5, 2011
This Saturday we will be at the BZ Tournament. This is the third year of this event and we have been lucky enough to have been there from the beginning.  SInce Elaina is off trying to stimulate the European economy, Beth has graciously agreed to rejoin us for this event.  Who says groveling doesn't work. 

July 10, 2011 

What a great Saturday Night Out in Avon.  Thanks to the Bank of Castile, The Avon United Methodist Church, and the Downtown Merchants for sponsoring the event.  We had a beautiful night and a fun crowd, as demonstrated by a record number of Pips on stage for "Midnight Train to Georgia".  Bill Christiano joined us on stage for a dynamic version of "Play that Funky Music."  It was also Dan's birthday and his grandson made sure everyone knew about it and helped us celebrate.  Yup, we enjoy doing this.  Pictures are posted.

We are taking it easy for the rest of July due to vacations.  August will ramp back up again. 

June26, 2011 

OK, so here's what we've been up to.  After playing at Lovin' Cup, we played Friday night at Geneseo's opening of their Summer Concert Series.  It was a great event and we were joined on stage by lots of young people helping us out.  Thanks to the sponsors, organizers, and volunteers.  Pictures are posted.  Saturday we played at the Avon Inn for the celebration of Marcus and Alissa Harrison's wedding.  It was a great party and Steve Harrison rocked the party closing out the night on drums.  Congratulations to Marcus and Alissa.  Pictures are posted.

We have some new recordings thanks to Durf and his magic new 8 channel recorder.  Check out the new recordings.   All of the ones listed for 2011 were recorded at the Memorial Day party.

We are taking it easy for ost of July due to vacations.  August will ramp back up again. 

June 17, 2011

Thanks to all of the supporters of BBB who came out to the Lovin' Cup!!  We were really impressed with the turn out.  We had people who have heard us more times than they care to admit and folks who took the opportunity to see us for the first time as we made a rare venture into Monroe County. Thanks to 100.5 the Drive and the Lovin' Cup for a great event.   We had a blast.   Pictures are posted. 

Coming up tonight (Friday June 17) we kick off the Geneseo Summer Concert Series.  We are excited about opening this series for the third consecutive year.  It's a great evening in the park.   Enjoy the Art Stroll from 4:00 - 7:00, then come join us in the park.

June 12, 2011 

We had a great time at the Caledonia Fireman's Family Fun Days.  Thanks to the organizers and to everyone who showed up to share an afternoon with the band.   Pictures are posted.

Coming up we have a battle of the bands at Lovin' Cup Wednesday June 15.  We'd appreciate anyone coming out who can to support us.   Friday night June 17 kicks off the Geneseo Summer Concert Series.  We are excited about opening this series for the third consecutive year.  It's a great evening in the park.  

The weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful day for the Memorial Day Party at Barrett's Farm. 


June 6, 2011

The opening Saturday Nigt Out in Avon for 2011 was a huge success.    The weather cooperated, The Village Restaurant put on a great dinner, a local high school band (The Cyber Bullies) played a rousing opening set, Police Chief Jim Carney had his head shaved for Dream Factory in support of cancer patients, and everyone had a good time.  Thanks to The Penny Saver for sponsoring this month's event and the Downtown Merchants for organizing the series. 

May 30, 2011 

The weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful day for the Memorial Day Party at Barrett's Farm.  We had Don and Bill both join us to sit in as well as a number of other guests.  The crowd was great and donated generously to the Avon Food Pantry.  There was also great food from the Avon Village Resturant.   Pictures are posted.   Join us for Saturday Night Out June 4th in Avon. 

May 23, 2011
It was a fun night Saturday at the Statesmen in Geneseo. The Sam Pallet Band did a fantastic job and made some more fans. The turnout was a little light due to college graduations and people spending all day working outside on our one sunny day in about 2 weeks, but those there had a blast and stayed for the night. Thanks to Karen, Bruno, and everyone else who makes the Statesmen a great place to play.  Thanks to Mike Buchanan of The Sam Pallet Band for filling in for us on keys while Paul was attending his son Blair's college graduation.  Congratulations Blair!  Thanks to Howard Appell of the Livingston County news for writing a great article  about the event.  Pictures are posted.  Join us Sun. May 29 Memorial Day at Barrett's Farm for a great day in the country with friends and music.

 March 14, 2011

Now that was a party! The Avon Inn was a sea of green and the joint was jumping.  Irish dancers, an Irish sing along, and plenty of people rockin' with Bob's Brother's Band made for a fantastic night.  Too bad about having to set the clocks ahead.  A large crowd packed the Inn from start to finish and we were often joined on stage by audience members ready to join in as backup singers and dancers.  We debuted a few new songs and celebrated a couple of birthdays, Elaina's sister Kate and John's daughter Jolene.  Kate Phillips joined us on drums for "Brown Eyed Girl" and Rob Hayes made his annual appearance with the band on "If I had a Million Dollars."  Pictures are posted. 


March 9, 2011

Great people,great food, and getting to play some music.  What more can you ask for?  It was a good time at Zion Episcopal Church for Fat Tuesday.  Pictures are posted.  This was a BBB Lite night.  We pulled out the 5 piece band and had some fun.  Special thanks to Andrew Lawton for sitting in on drums and doing a super job.  We were also treated to a guest performance by Tom Greenfield (Western New York's Premier Insensitive Folk Singer).  Thanks to Ann and Brian and all of the organizers.  Special thanks to the cooks!


February 13, 2011

Wow!   Thanks to The Sam Pallet Band for putting together a great event at the Corning VFW.  We had a two band evening trading sets and then joining on stage for a grand finale.  Thanks to the VFW for taking a chance on it and to everyone who showed up and made it a success.   

This event may have started a couple of months ago when John, Dave and Mike Giannone (founder of Sam Pallet) threw around some hair brain ideas about playing a gig together, or it might have started back in 1967 when Mike and Dave started playing guitar together.  Either way, it happened and now we need to do it again in Avon.  Pictures are posted.


February 7, 2011

We had a fantastic time at the Teresa House Benefit at the Quality Inn in Geneseo.  A large crowd of people braved icy, snowy roads to help this great cause and to enjoy a good party. Thanks to the organizers and to everyone who joined us to make it a special evening.   Pictures are posted.   


February 12th we'll be taking a road trip to Dave's old neighborhood in Corning to do a show at the V.F.W. with the Sam Pallet Band. 


January 22, 2011

Two great gigs coming up:


Join us February 5th for a fund raiser for Teresa House.  Teresa House provides a trmendous service to our community, see how you can support them and have a great evening.   


February 12th we'll be taking a road trip to Dave's old neighborhood in Corning to do a show at the V.F.W. with the Sam Pallet Band. 


January 2, 2011 

Well, another year is in the books and we're having as much fun as ever. It never gets boring getting a bunch of friends together and making music for people willing to humor us and listen to it.  Our goal from the beginning has been to play a couple of times a month and we were pretty much on target with 27 shows in 2010.  We also have an informal goal of doing 20 - 25% of our shows as community service.  We had 5 community service engagements this past year.  That's a little lower than usual, but 2011 looks like it will make up for it. 


We would like to thank the following people and organizations for having us play at their events:  Swain Ski Center, The Statesman, TheGenesee Valley River Dance, The Genesee Valley Hunt Ball, The Strasser/Brenner Wedding,  Jen Shoemaker's Birthday Party, The Beachcomber, The Avon Rotary Corn Festival, The BZ Golf Tournament, Livingston County Country Club, The Vance-Young Wedding, Kevin's Graduation Party, The Vitale Park Concert Series, Cassie's Graduation Party, Geneseo Central School, The Geneseo Summer Concert Series, The St. Agnes Golf Tournament, Avon Saturday Night Out, The Mendon Community Players, St. Pat's at the Avon Inn, and The Geneseo PSTA.


One chapter for BBB ended this year as Beth made the decision to move on in order to have more time to devote to a new home, a full time job, and continued classes.  Beth's first gig with the band was December 31st 2004 and she finished up on October 9th (actually early in the morning October 10th) 2010.  Beth is a dynamic performer who often brought people to their feet and at least once to their knees.  Really, we have pictures.  We wish Beth all the best and know that we'll get her to sit in sometime in the future.  As one chapter ends, another begins.  Elaina Caven joined the band and had her first gig with BBB November 27th.  Elaina is a natural, soulful singer who fit with the band instantly.  We look forward to many, many shows with Elaina.  We were very fortunate to have Beth for nearly 6 years and good fortune has struck again as Elaina starts her adventure with the band.


We started the year with Bill Christiano on bass and vocals.  Bill is a very talented musician and a great guy who told us in the very beginning that he would fill in for Don, but planned to get his own project up and going.  Bill started the band Killin' Time which is doing very well and Dan Winslow easily slid into the bass role.  Dan had played years ago with Steve and in a jazz project with Dave.  He brings an easy going personality, solid bass chops, and can nail high hamonies.  We also had Don join us on occassion this year on bass. That is always a specia time. Some guest performers this year included Amy Cicoria, Kate Phillips, Chandra Downs, and Justin Matusak, as well as a number of partiers who came up and helped us with background vocals and stage fun during the shows. 


Best wishes for a Happy New Year !!


John, Paul, Tim, Gerry, Dan, Elaina, Dave, Durf, Steve, Beth, Bill, and Don of Bob's Brother's Band


On to 2011! 

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