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Bob's Brother's Band


December 14, 2010 

We had a great time at the Statesman.  Pictures are posted. Chandra Downs joined us to close out the second set with three tunes and she did a fantastic job.  Why is it that all female vocalists know "Before he Cheats" and sing it with such conviction?  Congratulations to Durf and his family.  Durf is now a Grandpa.  As always, thanks to Karen, Bruno, and all the folks at the Statesman.  You make it a great place to play.  Next up, New Year's Eve at Swain!

November 29, 2010 

Wow!!  What a great time at the Genesee Valley River Dance.  The event was held in the Hartford House, a real piece of American History, and the crowd was fantastic.  This marked Elaina's debut with the band and she did a super job. Bill Lloyd gets the "Unstoppable Dancer" award.  Three weeks prior, Bill was in the hospital after his horse landed on him.  But you can't keep Bill (and his walker) off the dance floor.  Bravo!  Thanks to our hosts and to all of the volunteers for making this a very special night.  Pictures are posted.  Listen to Elaina's first song with the band, "Turn Me On." 


October 21, 2010 

Next up is an end of the season party with the Genesee Valley Hunt Club.  This is an open event and should be a great time.  It will also be the first performance with the band for Elania, BBB's new vocalist.


October 11, 2010

The Genesee Valley Hunt Ball was fantastic!!  The crowd was ready to dance before the first song and never stopped.  No wonder we love playing this event.


On a sad note.  This marked Beth's last official BBB gig.  She certainly closed out in style and gave a great performance.   We are sure that she'll drop by and sit in once in a while.  We wish Beth great success as she moves on with her studies. 


This also marks the last time Durf gets to haul the trailer.  Ask Durf for the details. 


Pictures are posted.


October 3, 2010 

Thanks to everyone at the Warsaw Kiwanis  Fall Dinner.  We had a fun evening playing for some old and new friends.


Next up is the Genesee Valley Hunt Club Ball.


September 6, 2010 

What a great weekend!! 


Saturday we played at Avon's Saturday Night Out street party.  The weather threatened, but cleared. The Village Restaurant provided the meal (a great chicken BBQ) and sold out.  Everyone had a great time and we were joined by BBB's original bass player, Don Loy.  Pictures are posted.


Sunday, we played at the wedding of Steve Strasser and Annette Brenner.  It was a fabulous event.  Steve and his son William joined us for two songs for Annette and did a fantastic job.  The crowd danced all night long and kept us going.  Pictures are posted.


August 30, 2010

We had a busy weekend with a show Friday night at the Beachcomber on Conesus Lake and a private Party on Sat. in Avon for Jen Shoemakers birthday. Thanks to Mary Alice at the Beachcomber and to all our friends for coming out on a cool evening. Thank you to Jaime Shoemaker for having us play at his wife's party and the kind words of his band intro.  Jamie even sat in for a while on drum and drove the band.  Thanks to Bill Christiano for running sound this weekend.


Two more shows this coming weekend.  Join us Saturday night in downtown Avon from 7:00 - 9:00 for a street party.  Don Loy will be in town Saturday and will play with the band Saturday night.


August 26, 2010

Join us Friday night (August 27th) at The Beachcomber, 5909 West Lake Road on Conesus Lake, from 7:30 - 11:30 on beautiful Conesus Lake. 


It is a great setting to enjoy some outdoor music and your favorite beverage at the Cabana.  We'll mix it up. Etta James to Carrie Underwood, The Beatles to Steely Dan and all sorts of musical adventures in between. Come early and have dinner. They have a great menu.  We hope to see you there.


August 20, 2010

The Corn Festival was fantastic!  It was the band's 7th straight appearance at the festival where we got our start.  Pictures are posted.  Thanks to all of the organizers and to everyone who stopped by to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with us. 


August 10, 2010

We were back at the Livingston County Country Club for the BZ Golf Tournament. It was a beautiful night and the event was a huge success.  Congratulations to all of those involved in making it a fantastic event.  Pictures are posted.


This Saturday we'll be back at the event that started it all, the Avon Rotary Corn Festival.  BBB played this as our first gig back in 2004.   Catch us on the main stage from 12:30 - 3:00.


July 19, 2010

We had a great time at the Livingston County Country Club Members' party.  Pictures are posted


July 12, 2010

Sorry for the late updates.  Since the last update, we've played at Vitale park for the Fourth of July, a graduation party for Kevin, and a wedding for Jeremy and Carley Vance. 


Vital Park was the place to be for the Fourth.  The weather was perfect and a great crowd showed up by land and by sea (OK, lake).  Thanks to the organizers and to Bob Litolff for providing the sound. 


Friday the weather wasn't quite perfect.  At 3:30, John was starting to build an Ark.  However, the weather cleared up just in time and Kevin had a great gradution party.   Congratulations Kevin.


Perfect weather was back for Saturday.  We celebrated Jeremy's and Carley's wedding at Sweet Briar in Geneseo.   Everything went perfectly and the families and guests were ready to party.  This is one we won't forget.


Pictures are posted: 

Vitale Park 4th of July, 2010

Kevin's Graduation Party

Jeremy's and Carley's Wedding


June 23, 2010

We really enjoyed the GCS Variety show.  It is great to see all the talent from the community.  Kudos to all of the organizers and performers.  Tim earned some "Cool Superintendent" points!


Our next public gig is Sunday July 4  Vitale Park Concert Series 6:00 - 8:00.  Hope for nice weather


June 19, 2010

What a beautiful night to open up the Geneseo Summer Concert Series.  We had a blast!  Thanks to all of the sponsors and organizers!  Pictures are posted.


Tuesday night we'll play for a Geneseo Central Scool Variety show.  and Next Saturday we have a graduation party.  Summers are fun. 


June 15, 2010

We had a great time at the St. Agnes Golf Turnament.  This is a very special event for the band and it has become an Avon tradition.  Thanks to all of the organizers and volunteers!  Pictures are posted.


We had a special guest as Don Loy made the trip from down South to play a set with the band.  We're all still smiling.  Steve also played a set (and a bit more) on drums.  Between Dan, Don, Gerry, and Steve, we just kept the revolving door moving for the rhythm section.


Join us this Friday for the Geneseo Summer Concert Series


June 7, 2010

Finally!  Memorial Day Party Pictures are Posted.  Thanks to John and Janice for another wonderful Memorial Day Party at their farm.  The weather was beautiful and a great crowd of friends and family showed up to enjoy the day.  We had several guest performers and everyone seemed to have a good time.


We had a great time at the season opening Avon Saturday Night Out.  This is a fantastic event with all generations represented.  We had some technical difficulty with the keyboards, but that just gave us the chance to mix up the sets a little more and kept us (especially Paul) on our toes.  Thanks to the Genesee Valley Penny Saver for sponsoring the event and to Carney's Catering for providing the meal. Pictures are posted.


Join us Saturday June 12th for the St. Agnes Golf tournament


May 16, 2010

Wow!  What a great night at The Statesmen in Geneseo.  Fantastic crowd and Karen, Bruno, and the rest of the staff were great as always.  The big surprise for us was having Don stop in while he was home from Mississippi.  We got a chance to play several new songs and play for a lot of our friends.  A great night!   Pictures should be posted soon. 


Join us Sunday May 30th for Memorial Day at Barrett's.


March 22, 2010

Thanks to everyone in the Mendon Community Theater for a memorable night.  You can't beat playing for a group that starts the night with a pot luck dinner.  Wow! Compliments to all the chefs.   One of the highlights of the night was having all of the kids come up on stage to do "Lean on Me" with the band.  That was fantastic.  Pictures are posted.


March 14, 2010

Set the clocks ahead after a St. Patrick's Day party?  Just doesn't seem right.  The Avon In was jumpin' and we loved partying with our favorite folks.   Pictures are posted. 


Some highlights of the night.  Amy Cicoria joined us to help out in Beth's absence and did a great job.  Kate Phillips sat in on "Brown Eyed Girl" and kept everyone dancing.  Rob Hayes gave into his fans and sang "If I Had a Million Dollars."  Tim and Mary Flick led the Irish sing along which is always a highlight of the night.  Everyone was dancing and singing and Irish.  Who could ask for anything more?


March 7, 2010

We had a great time at the Big Tree Inn with the crew from Geneseo Central Schools. Pictures are posted.   We are hoping that this turns into a yearly event and that we are asked back.  Everyone was fantastic.  Thanks to all of the organizers.


February 21, 2010

We had a fantastic time at the Shawmut Pub at Swain Ski Center.  Pictures are posted.  There must have been half a dozen birthdays being celebrated, including our own Gerry Paganin.   The crowd came to party, complete with wigs, creative name tags, and dancing shoes.    Thanks to everyone at the Shawmut for a great time and to Bob and Ann for hosting the band afterwards. 


February 1, 2010

Wow! What a great night at The Statesman in Geneseo.   Pictures are posted.  Thanks to Karen, Bruno, and everyone at The Statesman.  You always treat us well and we appreciate it. 


We had a huge crowd that danced from the first song to the end. Guest artists included Amy Cicoria filling in for Beth and Jonathan Stills, our Rochester area American Idol contestant.   Amy brought  lots of friends out to see her and even taught us a couple of new songs.  Jonathan did a great job and really got the crowd going.  He can sing, but what really impressed us was just how nice a guy he is. 


Thanks to all that came out on such a cold night and we will see you back at the Statesman May.  


January 5, 2010

It has been a really busy and fun year for the band.  We had the opportunity to play for many old friends as well as making new friends.  As we get ready for the new year, we want to thank everyone who has supported this hobby of ours during the past year.  It started out as a one gig band in 2004 and now is a pretty permanent fixture in our lives.  Our goal was to play a couple of times a month and we had 28 shows in 2009.  We also had an informal goal of doing 20 - 25% of our shows as community service.  We had 7 community service engagements this past year.  All in all, a successful year.  We would like to thank the following people and organizations for having us play at their events:


Swain Ski Center,  New York State Holstein Association,  Brockport High School Wrestling Club, The Statesmen - Geneseo, NY,  Debbie Dancy,  Avon Community Cares Saint Patrick's Day Party,  Rochester  Irish Children's Program,  Mickey Finn's Station One – Victor, NY,  Believe in Steve Benefit Committee,  Avon Teacher's Association,  St. Agnes School Golf Tourney,  Village and Town of Geneseo Summer Concert Series,  Town of Livonia – Vitale Park Concert,  Avon Saturday Night Out Committee,  Avon Rotary Corn Festival,  The Stanton Family - Brian Zamiara Memorial Golf Tournament,  Genesee Valley Riding and Driving Club,  Village of Livonia Autumn Festival,  Town of Sweden Harvest Festival,  Village of Avon - Project Completion Celebration Party,  Genesee Valley Foxhunt – Annual Ball and Riverdance,  and The O'Donoghue Family –Wedding Party


This wouldn't be complete without thanking the folks who filled in or sat in with us during the year.  I never know whether or not to list Steve here since he is a regular band member who just doesn't play every show, but Steve Harrison played a few shows with us on drums and vocals to give Gerry a break.  While Don has been starting his new adventure in Jackson, Mississippi, we've been really fortunate to Have Bill Christiano and Dan Winslow handling the bass duties. Vince Ercolamento joined us for a couple of shows on sax, Amy Cicoria helped us out on vocals when Beth was actually having a life, Grant Sharman subbed for Durf, Kate Phillips sat in on drums, Russ Flint and Jimmy Fallon sat in on guitar and vocals, Tim Brinduse and Conrad Phillips added to the sound with some blues harp, and a number of partiers came up and helped us with background vocals and stage fun during the shows.   Thanks everyone!



On to 2010!



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