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Bob's Brother's Band

December 12, 2005

CD Update: We have the pre-final mix and are reviewing it for the final mix.  We want to thank Mike O’Brien for doing such a great job.   The demo CD is a good representation of Bob’s Brother’s Band and what we can provide in a live performance.  Take a look at the added pictures on the Recording the CD Pictures page.


Gig Update:  We have some interesting gigs coming up.  On 12/30 we have a private party.  These are always fun gigs.  The 31st is New Year’s Eve.  This will be our second year at the Village Inn.  Last year’s gig was quite memorable and a lot of fun.  As they say, “What happens at the Village Inn, stays at the Village Inn.”  January 9th we will be taking part in a talent show of sorts as a fund raiser for Geneseo’s Class of 2007.  This should be a blast as we feature Principal Hayes.  January 28th takes us back to Brockport where we had a great time the last time.  We hope to see everyone back and encourage you to bring your friends.  February 28th will be something completely different.  We are part of a “Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras” celebration at Zion Episcopal Church in Avon.  This is a parish event that will feature parish and community members playing an assortment of jazz and party music.  John is busy learning his jazz chords for this one.


December 5, 2005—A good time was had by all Saturday night.  The highlights of the evening were guest appearances by Dan Dougherty (Guitar) and Kate Phillips (Drums). They both did a great job and reinforced what an awesome treasure we have in the number of very talented young musicians in the area.  Check out the pictures page.   We have added a lot of shots from previous gigs.


November 28, 2005—Wow!  What a weekend.  Friday we played Bill and Meg Lloyd’s anniversary party at Sweet Briar in Geneseo.  What a fantastic group of people.  The dance floor was full all night and John was in his element getting to do three encores.  John also had his own fan club during You Can Leave your Hat On.  What a blast.  Congratulations to Bill and Meg on 20 years and thanks for letting us be part of it.


The next night we went to Don’s old stomping grounds in Brockport and played the Friends Helping Friends Benefit.  Again, a fantastic crowd dancing the night away and a great guest harmonic spot on Stormy Monday by the Doctor.  We thought we were ending the night, but after doing three encores we were requested to play another set.  That allowed us to raise another good size contribution for the benefit.  Beth’s brother Jeff was there and maxed out the memory card on my camera.  See the pictures. Thanks Jeff.  One high light of the night was some spontaneous audience participation on the end of Vehicle.  Blew us away.  Hats off to every one who made the benefit a huge success. 


Special recognition goes to Grant who was working the sound for both gigs.  We played in two relatively small venues with multi-generational audiences and he did a tremendous job keeping us in check.  Not always an easy thing to do.  Thanks!


November 20, 2005—We had a blast in the studio on Friday night.  Hats off to Mike O’Brien.  If you have some recording to do, we highly recommend him.   We started the night with most of the essentials: all the musicians, the recording engineer, the beer, wings (if you haven’t had Johnny’s wings yet you really need to go down to Duffy’s and have a beer and an order of wings.  You’ll be back.), cough drops, and most of the gear.  It turns out that Paul and Blair had a father and son keyboard conflict.  Paul started out the night on the Rhodes and later on the Kurzweil was delivered.  Actually it worked out well.  Listen to the piano on “Drift Away.”   As the night went on we got the rhythm tracks down for Drift Away, No Matter What, When Will I be Loved, Temptation Eyes, Runnin’ On Empty, Unchain My Heart, Chain of Fools, Knock On Wood, Midnight Hour, and Mustang Sally.  Most of the vocal tracks are down, but it was getting late so we have a bit more to finish up.  There is a rumor that the finished product may make it on to Duffy’s juke box.  We’ll let you know when it’s ready.  It’s not too early to start thinking about reservations for New Year’s Eve.  I hear there’s going to be quite a party at the Village Inn in Caledonia.


November 4, 2005—Looks like we’re going into the studio on the 18th of this month.  We’ll be recording at Mike O’Brien’s studio and we’re really looking forward to it. 


October 31, 2005 — Happy Halloween!  We had a great time Saturday night playing an anniversary/Halloween party.  None of us will ever forget the sumo wrestler.  John got a chance to show off his new toy.  He’s now cordless, so watch out.  He may come and join you on the dance floor. 


October 23, 2005 —    Road Trip!   It was a dark and stormy night and boy was there a party in Aurora.  Thanks go to our host, Stanley, for a great night.  The rain was non-stop but we were having a great time in Stanley’s barn.  He built an unbelievable stage for us and had the good sense to start people partying three hours before we started playing.  By the time we kicked it off, everyone was ready.  Great crowd, great food, free beer, preferred parking, and playing music with your friends.  What more could you ask for?  Just one thing, we missed having Beth at the gig.  She had a previous commitment playing with Reflection at Peppermints in Avon and couldn’t join us.  Next week!

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